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    Virtual Store Tour - Walmart USA

    Apr 11, 2023 11:09:02 AM | Jeff Doucette Food Service

    Here at Field Agent we LOVE new stores! We try to get out to them as soon as they open and share what we see with you! 

    Walmart recently announced that it had rolled out a new look at five flagship stores in the USA. The facelift includes brighter lighting, fashionable mannequins, colourful makeup displays, more spacious aisles and pet supplies.

    Five of its SuperCentres - Teterboro, Secaucus and North Bergen in New Jersey; Yaphank, New York and Hodgkins, Illinois - are sporting the new design.

    The highlights of the new locations include:

    • Displays at the corners of departments pull customers in and help them touch, feel and become a part of the space.
    • Elevated brand shops: A “store within a store” approach. Apparel will highlight national brands.
    • Digital touch points: Through the strategic use of QR codes and digital screens customers can find additional options, learn about related service options or have products delivered right to their door.

    We were curious how these newly redesigned stores compared to the ones we see here at home, so we enlisted five agents from Field Agent US to visit them and take photos for us. 




    We sent 5 Field Agents, one to each location, to give us a virtual store tour and we also asked them to give us their view as a local shopper. Our tour takes you right to the shopper as they explore. See all the photos below! 

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