Since the Legalization of Recreational Cannabis...

In October of 2018, suppliers, retailers, regulators and policymakers have looked to Field Agent to gain insights into the cannabis industry, which some analysts think could reach $8 billion in annual sales!

Field Agent screened its 200,000+ panel to develop a sub-group of cannabis users, creating the largest mobile panel of its kind in Canada. Gathering responses from this group of past, current, and planned cannabis buyers will give you the insights you need to maximize growth and make the best-informed decisions about your strategy in the cannabis category.

Beyond simple surveys, Field Agent’s mobile panel will allow you to reach consumers/ shoppers across the whole path to purchase. We can take you from home to the dispensary and to the point of consumption, collecting insight-rich data including photos and video along the way! Go deeper with your research and get closer to growth-driving insights with Field Agent!

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How Cannabis Shopper Insights Work

To see how Field Agent gathered in-the-moment insights about Canadian cannabis shoppers on the first day of legalization in Canada watch our video highlight reel of responses.

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