Why Retail Pipelines?

Knowing what is happening in your category at stores across Canada can be difficult with travel restrictions, field sales force reductions and increasing time pressure.

That's why we developed Retail Pipelines, a revolutionary new service that takes you right into 100 stores across Canada each week for one low monthly price! We take photos of the MAIN SECTION and any SECONDARY DISPLAYS, so you get full visibility into what is happening within your category. All photos are tagged, filterable and searchable for easy access.

  • Excellent and immediate visibility into in-store conditions
  • Stock level, promotion monitoring and price checks
  • Competitive intelligence

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What are Retail Pipelines?

Field Agent visits 100 stores each Saturday from coast-to-coast, and we capture the MAIN SECTION and SECONDARY DISPLAYS for the whole category.

Photos are transferred to the Shelfgram platform that provides AI analysis of the photo content. The full analytics suite is available after 4 weeks.

Subscription service: Visit 400 stores per month starting at just $3,000! 

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Advanced Analytics

Shelfgram leverages Artificial Intelligence to interpret what is happening in each photo taken by Field Agent in-store. Retail Pipelines includes a range of analytic views, so you can have your finger on the pulse of what’s happening at Retail.

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Free Flyer Tracking

Retail Pipelines includes weekly flyer tracking tools with 9 years of history so that you can see what is happening in-store and in-flyer, all in the same tool!

Want to learn more?

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Case Study: Balzac's Coffee

Businesses across Canada are using Retail Pipelines to have eyes on their category in stores from coast to coast. See how Balzac's is using Retail Pipelines to win at retail.

What are our clients saying about Retail Pipelines?

"Just writing to say how awesome your tool is and it has saved me and my team so much work by having the shelving and planogram for all our customers by week – all handy for the touch of one click."

Leo Verrilli - Director of National Grocery Sales at Keurig Dr Pepper Inc.