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What Is Field Agent?

At Field Agent we are focused on finding opportunities for everyday people to make money. We’re the app that pays you real cash. We send Agents all over to gather information, take photos, and share their opinions.



Not all jobs require travel, complete surveys anywhere, anytime


Store Audits

Take photos and answer questions about displays, products, and more


Mystery Shopping

Help stores around the country improve


Buy, Try & Share

Purchase products, try them out at home, and share your opinion

Here are a few common FAQ's to assist you.


Q: How do I change my email on file?

A: Please send a note to for any account edits you require.


Q: How do I cash out my earnings?

A: We process all cashouts to agents via Interac e-Transfer. For first time cashouts, please login to our website at Click on Manage Cashout Options. You will then enter the email address where you would like to receive your e-transfer. Please ensure you record your secret word. Future cashouts can be completed on your app after this initial information is set up!


Q: What is your cash out policy?

A: All cashouts are processed by Interac E-transfer on Mondays at 11 AM EST. Our cashout minimum is $15.00. Cashouts between $15 and $75 may be requested, but a $1.00 transaction fee will be deducted from the amount you receive due to Interac fees. Cashouts over $75 will not incur the $1.00 transaction fee. 

Cashouts returned due to forgotten secret words or other issues out of the control of Field Agent will result in a $10.00 administrative fee charged to your Field Agent account. 

Q: There’s an administrative task on my app asking for my Social Insurance Number. Why do you need this?

A: As per the CRA, all agents who earn $500 and above in a tax year are required to provided their Social Insurance Number in order to continue earning. Our system will cut off the supply of tasks just before you earn $500 YTD. All agents who supply their SIN can keep working beyond that $500 cutoff and will be issued a T4A slip for their earnings.


Q: Should I reserve a task before I head to the store?

A: Yes! Our platform runs on a first come, first serve basis. It’s best to reserve tasks as soon as you see them, bearing in mind there is a reservation timer that you'll have to complete the task within. Our tasks go super quickly, and the early bird gets the worm (or hamburger, donut, etc!) 

Mystery Shopping

Q: I’ve completed a task, but I can’t cashout my earnings for it. How come?

A: Once our Quality Control reviews your submission, and approves it, you will see your earnings updated and you can cashout at any time.


Q: I have reserved a task, but I can’t complete it until tomorrow and the timer is running out. What do I do?

A: All tasks come with a two hour reservation window. As soon as you reserve it, the countdown begins!


Screen Shot 2020-09-11 at 11.36.57 AM

Q: What's the difference between an end cap, free-standing display, side kick, or clip strip?

A: This video will help you identify different types of in-store displays.


Q: How do I invite a friend to Field Agent?

  • Go to the Account section of the app and click on Invite. Share your invite code with friends & family via the platform of your choice (text, email, social media)
  • The invite link and code to share is unique to your Field Agent account.  
  • Share your code by pressing the "Invite Friends" button and select your preferred method of sharing.    

    Read more about the referral process here:

Q: What is a THUMBSDOWN photo?

A: One important part of what we do is taking good THUMBSDOWN photos when the requested item or display is not found in-store. 

Your THUMBSDOWN photo tells us that you looked all over the store for the item / display but you could not find it. 
To the right is an example of the PERFECT THUMBSDOWN PHOTO:
1 - Photo of THUMBSDOWN
2 - Shows a NEARBY SHELF / DISPLAY not the FLOOR
Please be sure your THUMBSDOWN photos match the one here on future tasks. 

Q: Why am I only seeing "ticket jobs" and US locations in my app?

A: Oops! You have accidentally signed up for a US account but don't fret. We can fix this!

Steps To Fix:

1. Complete the steps to turn off Auto-login listed on this link:

2. Delete the Field Agent app.

3. Reinstall the app.

4. Say NO when asked if you want to login to the FA app by your device.

5. Click Canada on the sign-up screen and then complete the sign up process to create a Canadian account

6. Accept some jobs and make some money!

FA Person 6

Q: What if I am approached by an employee?

A: The majority of jobs are meant to be mystery shops. A client is paying to find out if their product or display is set up correctly. By letting the stores know what you are doing, the client doesn’t get a true view of what is going on in store.

It is not illegal to take pictures in stores. It might be against a store's policy, so they can ask you to leave. Also, no one can touch or take your personal property without your permission.

If you are approached by an employee while doing a job, it is really up to you what to do. You could tell them you are taking photos of a product to get a friend or family member’s opinion. Some Agents like to wear headphones while doing photo audits, so it looks like they are just listening to music. If they ask you to stop, then you should comply politely. If you are ever confronted by a store employee, please represent yourself and Field Agent well by being respectful and polite.

Some Agents prefer to not accept jobs that require photos because they do not want to risk being asked to leave. It doesn't bother other Agents. We recommend that you do what you are comfortable with while knowing that we never require any illegal action as a part of any job.


Q: I reserved this job on my iPad, and now that I'm at the store I can't see it on my phone. What gives?

A: All jobs are remotely stored on the device that you reserve them on. So, if you reserve a job on your iPad it will not show up on your iPhone, and vice versa. Please ensure that you always reserve jobs on the device you intend to complete them on.


Q: I just got to the store in my task instructions and it's closed. Will my job be denied?

A: We are unable to check store hours of operation for all locations for every task. We advise all agents to confirm that stores are open and operating prior to accepting tasks or heading to the store.


It Pays to Be a Field Agent

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