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We mobilize almost 200,000 workers, we call them "agents," through the Field Agent app to furnish businesses with retail audits, mystery shops, market research, and digital product demonstrations.


Active Agents

Over 200,000 all across Canada. 



For companies with global operations



With a best-in-industry reputation


Smartphones Are Everywhere

Field Agent harnesses smartphones across the country to collect photos, video, and information about retail operations, products, and shoppers.

We're talking real efficiency.  


Here's to Your Success

Higher sales for your products or stores. That's what you're all about; that's what we're all about. Field Agent has a proven record of helping businesses like yours succeed.


Meet Our Agents

Our agents are your customers. The very people who buy your products or shop your stores. With more than a million agents nationwide, we have the demos and personas you need. 

Our 3-Step Process


Design Project

Businesses work with Field Agent to design a custom project addressing their questions about retail operations, products, and/or shoppers


Gather Data

Through our mobile app, hard-working agents reserve and complete projects, collecting photos, video, and/or data from anywhere businesses need it


Analyze Results

From a real-time, online dashboard, businesses watch results as they pour in and take quick action on what they see. Custom reporting available.


Get Results with
Field Agent

Filter by demo, answer, location

Interactive map of responses

Summary and store-level views

Duplicate and launch jobs

Download and email results

Manage photos and video

It’s Easy to Get Started.

We're standing by to answer your questions and to help you get started. Plus, we're just fun to talk to. 

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