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Got the below-4-star blues? We get it. You’re under pressure to improve your product’s ratings and reviews online, and much of it feels out of your control. Ratings & Reviews by Field Agent mobilize real shoppers to buy your products from specific stores, try them at home, and then leave honest ratings and reviews on product pages.

No shipping. No fretting. Just real reviews from real shoppers.



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Real Shoppers

Ratings & Reviews by Field Agent are powered by real shoppers doing what they do: buying and trying products.


In-Store Sales

Why give away your products when you can enlist everyday shoppers to buy them? And, psst, bonus: No shipping.


Honest Reviews

No tricks. Just verified buyers providing honest feedback and posting about their experiences online. Quickly and easily.

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How It Works


Case Study: How One Brand Nailed Online Ratings and Reviews


Online reviews. Sometimes, they're just plain hard to get.

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