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We know that fundraising for groups is tough right now

That’s why we’re launching Field Agent for Good. Anybody can raise money while out shopping for groceries, going through the drive thru for a coffee or even while sitting at home on the couch!

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Step One

Fill in the form at the bottom of this page, which will let us know that you're interested in raising money with Field Agent for Good. We'll send you a helpful toolkit to get started with your group.

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Step Two

You let your club members know that when they download the Field Agent app and complete tasks they can earn money, which they can then direct to your organization.

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Step Three

Group members complete simple tasks, such as taking a photo of their Costco receipt, taking a picture of in store displays or providing their opinion.

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Step Four

When your group members are ready to cash out they provide your organization’s email address used for online banking and the e-transfer is sent directly to you

It’s Easy to Get Started.

Fill in the form below and we'll send you a helpful toolkit with more information.

If you'd like to pass this information on to your parent/teacher group, swim club, scouts/girl guides, dance team, charity, etc. you can download the below PDF and give it to the fundraising co-ordinator.

Field Agent for Good - Information for Groups

Register your organization with Field Agent for Good