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    Special Report: The State of Digital Grocery 2021

    Things feel... different.

    As the country emerges from the shadow of the COVID-19 pandemic, every industry is facing questions.

    Questions like: what is the new normal - and what does the future hold?

    Nowhere are these questions more relevant than in digital grocery. The IBM Retail Index reports that the shift from brick-and-mortar retail to digital shopping increased by as much as five years over the course of the pandemic - a monumental change.

    Digital grocery is increasingly a fixture in shoppers' lives, from home delivery, to in-store pickup, to ordering through smart speakers. How are shoppers using these services, and what opportunities and challenges face digital grocery in 2021?

    To answer these questions and more, we used the Field Agent platform to survey 1,000 real shoppers (we call them agents). These agents gave us insight into the role that digital grocery plays in their lives, and answered questions including:

    • What are shoppers' major concerns with online grocery?
    • Which online grocery retailers and third-party services are rising to the top?
    • What are the permanent effects of the pandemic on shopper habits?
    • What will online grocery look like five years from now? 
    Download the free report, and explore the current trends and insights of digital grocery.
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