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    Introducing Field Agent's Advanced Ratings & Reviews

    Jan 25, 2023 4:48:40 PM | Jeff Doucette Mobile Research

    Ratings and Reviews have gone from a nice-to-have to a must-have as today’s digital shoppers often rely on R&R to guide their online purchases.

    This may leave you wondering how your brands’ portfolio of products stack up against your competitors. To answer this question you must look at your e-commerce R&R and ask yourself...
    Are your reviews current?
    Digital shoppers often need fresh, more recent perspectives before pulling the trigger on an online purchase.
    Product with old ratings

    How many reviews do each of your products have? 

    A small number of reviews—even if they’re positive— can convince shoppers to go elsewhere. After all, when online shoppers see only a few reviews, it suggests few have purchased the product. Ouch! But an intentional approach to reviews can give the impression of a popular product.

    Product with no ratings


    What is your overall average ratings score?

    Like movies or sports teams, products can also be underrated. But ratings become more accurate (and sometimes more positive) as more ratings come in. So if a product is underrated, more ratings may ultimately result in more stars. 

    As an added bonus, Products with a higher score will often rank higher in the search results. 

    Product with low rating score

    Field Agent’s Advanced Ratings & Reviews Analytics can answer all three of these questions so that you can determine if your brands’ product portfolio requires additional, or an entirely new set of ratings & reviews.  

    As an added bonus our consumers provide robust reviews with at least 30 word minimum responses!

    Ready to take control of your online reviews?

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