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    Introducing the Field Agent Daily Panel Pulse Check

    Apr 6, 2020 3:43:06 PM | Jeff Doucette Mobile Research, Insights Report
    It's pretty safe to say that every business in Canada is adapting to meet the concerns and demands of COVID-19 and the resulting social distancing measures. As things are moving so quickly it is hard to have good, reliable and timely information to help us make decisions about what to do next!
    The Field Agent Canada team and our panel of 125,000 Agents across Canada want to help you and your business navigate these times, so for the month of April we will be running one new ANYWHERE / IN-HOME SURVEY every day and streaming the results on our fabulous on-line dashboard.
    We will be exploring a range of topics relevant to the retail, food service and consumer brands with a lens on how these businesses and their customers are being impacted in this new reality. 
    This survey data will be FREE & OPEN ACCESS to all so businesses big and small have timely access to great research data relevant to their business.
    This will be one of the largest free access sources of current shopper and consumer insights in Canada, allowing you to dive in and find the insights you need for your business. 
    Access all the data at our on-line dashboard using the login info below:
    Password: easyinsights2020
    Our dashboard is easy and straightforward but we have prepared a HOW TO GUIDE to help you navigate the dashboard and get the most out of these free research studies.
    Download our how-to Guide!
                      April 6th                                                  April 7th
    April 7 banner.001 
                    April 8th                                                      April 9th
    April 8.001       Blog Banne Image Template copy.001
                      April 10th                                                  April 11th
    Makeup.001       Baked Goods.001
                    April 12th                                                   April 13th

    Easter Dinner.001       mac.001                                             

                    April 14th                                                  April 15th

    Pets.001       Big ticket.001

                    April 16th                                                 April 17th

    Vice.001       Snacks.001                                             

                    April 18th                                                   April 19th

    Pastimes.001       Social Media.001

                   April 20th                                                  April 21st

    Brands.001-1       Flyers.001

                   April 22nd                                               April 23rd                          

    PPE.001        Food Supply.001                             

                   April 24th                                               April 25th

    Ratings.001        L&G.001

                   April 26th                                               April 27th

    Taxes.001        Coffee.001

                  April 28th                                               April 29th

    Meat.001        Items.001

                  April 30th





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