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    Virtual Store Tour - Starbucks, Campbell River

    Mar 28, 2024 12:09:17 PM | Jeff Doucette Mobile Research

    Here at Field Agent we LOVE new stores! We try to get out to them as soon as they open and share what we see with you!

    Starbucks Canada and the We Wai Kai Nation have come together to unveil a brand new Starbucks café and drive-thru store in Campbell River, British Columbia. Notably, this location marks the chain's first establishment to be both licensed and operated by the Nation itself, showcasing Starbucks' commitment to fostering stronger ties with Indigenous communities.

    Situated on the We Wai Kai reserve, the 1,700-square-ft. store serves not only the 1,200 nation members but also the surrounding communities. Embracing the We Wai Kai Nation's mission to enhance the local economy, the store proudly employs 20 individuals from the community as dedicated baristas.




    We just had to see it, so we sent two Field Agents to give us a virtual tour. We also asked them to give us their view as a local on this new location and what they really liked (or disliked). Our tour takes you right to the shopper as they explore. See all the photos below! 

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