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    Virtual Store Tour - Meiga, Port Moody

    Mar 21, 2024 12:43:50 PM | Jeff Doucette Mobile Research

    Here at Field Agent we LOVE new stores! We try to get out to them as soon as they open and share what we see with you!

    On February 3, Meiga Supermarket opened its first-ever location - in Port Moody, BC. Meiga Supermarket, translated from its Chinese name (美萬家) meaning “beautiful family", is a one-stop-shop for Asian snacks and drinks, as well as some Western grocery ingredients. Some highlights include a variety of potato chips in unique flavours not commonly found in Canada, Asian beverages such as canned boba tea and a dedicated aisle showcasing a diverse selection of instant ramen options.
    If you want more than just snacks, Meiga boasts a large grab-and-go section, featuring items like smoked duck breast, marinated pig tongue, and spicy shrimp in Singaporean chili sauce. You'll also find a Chinese takeout section alongside prepared sushi and BBQ.



    We just had to see it, so we sent three Field Agents to give us a virtual tour. We also asked them to give us their view as a local on this new location and what they really liked (or disliked). Our tour takes you right to the shopper as they explore. See all the photos below! 

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