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    The Importance of Ratings & Reviews for Restaurants

    May 28, 2024 11:56:57 AM | Jeff Doucette Insights Report

    Curiosity sparked our interest in exploring the impact of online ratings and reviews on customers' preferences for both quick serve and full serve restaurants. To delve deeper, we conducted a survey among 1,000 Canadians from March 23-30, 2024, following their dining experiences.

    You can find all the details in our Infograph, below. 

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    We also asked these same diners to tell us all about their full dining experience. Based on 1,000 restaurant post-trip surveys and a 100 response trends survey, the report establishes mystery shop benchmarks for the industry as well as insights into key issues for the food service industry. This includes Tipping, On-Line Reviews and the changes that restaurants will need to make to better serve the very tough Gen Z cohort.

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