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    STUDY: Canadians Find In-Store Displays “BORING”

    Nov 5, 2019 2:32:08 PM | Jeff Doucette Grocery, Field Agent, Insights Report

    By all accounts, Canadian CPG Suppliers are spending tens of millions of dollars each year creating temporary promotional displays to support new innovation, consumer promotions and feature pricing activity.

    Almost any store that you enter today is a sea of cardboard with floorstands, pallets, 4-ways and endcaps sporting custom designed displays that are meant to entice shoppers to add products to their basket as they navigate the store.

    Despite the HUGE investment of marketing spending on these displays, there is very little done to “concept test” these displays before they hit the stores.

    While all other areas of marketing spend (TV, Print, Digital, Social Media) are heavily tested and analyzed, the analysis completed by Shopper Marketing teams most often consists of a payout analysis comparing the costs of the display materials vs. the revenue generated from each display.

    In addition, we see that many in-store displays are extensions of the traditional media campaigns borrowing heavily from brand creative, while others are pulled together with creative / offers that are completely untested.

    At Field Agent, we were curious about how Canadian shoppers would react to a range of temporary displays that we found in-store last week. We surveyed 250 Canadian shoppers by showing them images of 15 displays and asking them to respond to five questions about each display.

    Spoiler Alert – the results were not very good.

    We hope that this report opens up the dialogue about the effectiveness of in-store display and how to create displays that truly captivate shoppers and drive incremental sales.

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    Grocery, Field Agent, Insights Report