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    Field Agent’s Ratings & Reviews Power Up

    Jan 12, 2024 10:50:20 AM | Jeff Doucette Mobile Research, Insights Report

    If you grew up playing video games (or, still do) you know this feeling well: you’re on your last life. Your team is counting on you. You’re on your final bar of strength, your competitors are closing in, your eyes are burning. 

    Then, whoop there it is: a power up. For Mario players, it’s a mushroom. Fortnite, slurp juice. Call of Duty, stims.

    For you, it’s the newest Ratings & Reviews model by Field Agent. We’re well aware that your work isn’t a video game, and real life can’t always be paused. So today, we’ll be covering some of the ways your Ratings & Reviews game could use a power up with Field Agent

    Field Agent Ratings & Reviews Subscription Tool

    Hard Switch from video games to retail solutions, but we can’t help but share the latest upgrade: brands now have the power to plan their year with Field Agent Ratings & Reviews Tool.

    Utilizing Field Agent’s team of experts, you can solve for the amount of Ratings & Reviews you’ll need for the coming calendar year, then purchase them on an annual basis for an unbeatable discount. 

    These industry-crafted Ratings & Reviews subscription packages suit organizations of all sizes. From 20 reviews to 10,000, we can get it done for you. 

    Like always, you can still get Ratings & Reviews on demand with a verified purchase and basic setup with the Field Agent team. But why not bundle and save if you know you’ll need more reviews throughout the year on your catalog of products?


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    Field Agent is now a Walmart Canada partner for Ratings & Reviews!

    Last thing we say before you go digging for your Nintendo 64:

    Field Agent is thrilled to be a Ratings & Reviews partner for the #1 retailer in the world... Walmart.

    Mic drop.

    This new Walmart Canada partnership for Ratings & Reviews directly changes the way your brand does ecomm — and Field Agent can show you how. The Field Agent app has surpassed over 275,000 users in Canada, creating a nationwide, powerful engine that can leave cost-effective reviews anytime, anywhere on

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    Mobile Research, Insights Report