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    How will Canadians react to Amazon Prime's Double Dip?

    Oct 9, 2023 5:00:00 PM | Jeff Doucette Insights Report
    On October 10th and 11th, Amazon will run its second Prime Day of 2023 (the first was back in July - where has the summer gone?)
    Field Agent Canada surveyed over 2,700 Canadians over the past couple of weeks to gauge the impact of Prime Day as we enter the Holiday shopping period.
    First, almost everybody is a Prime member (at least all the cool kids). 87% of respondents said they subscribe to the service.
    In terms of Prime Day Part Deux, we should expect to see more Canadians shopping Prime Day (77% in October vs. 66% in July) and shoppers will be spending more as well. 75% of those who will be shopping Prime Day in October will spend $100 or more compared to just 62% in July.
    The big five categories from Prime Day have not shifted since July with Home Decor, Storage & Organization, Clothing, Household Supplies and Health & Personal Care topping the shopping list. 
    Prime Day is here - let the holiday shopping period officially begin!
    Let's do a deep dive into the results of our survey:
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