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    2024 Canadian Fluid Milk Report

    Jun 27, 2024 11:47:58 AM | Jeff Doucette Mobile Research, Grocery, Insights Report

    One of Field Agent’s most popular reports on the Canadian grocery industry is back! The 2024 edition of the Canadian Fluid Milk report is the most comprehensive look at the prices Canadians pay for one of the most common items in the Grocery basket - 2% Milk.

    While inflation has cooled since our last look at milk prices across the country in 2023, grocery prices are still increasing year over year with the latest numbers from Statistics Canada showing price growth of 2.9% in May 2024. The strain on the average Canadian household is substantial and sticker shock is a common occurrence as shoppers navigate the grocery store.

    On May 1, 2024 the Canadian Dairy Commission implemented a farm gate milk price adjustment, representing an increase of 1.77%. This increase translates to $0.0153/litre.

    In late May, Field Agent Canada conducted price audits at 186 stores across Canada to see how this increase has cascaded out to the retail price of milk in 20 cities from coast-to-coast.

    Key Highlights - Changes Since March 2023:

    • Canadian milk prices increased in 19 out of 20 markets measured
    • 4L Milk prices increased an average of 3% over the past year.
    • Comparative Prices at Walmart US stores are 28% cheaper than the average price in Canada.
    • The gap between cow's milk and milk alternatives (soy, almond, etc.) 

      had narrowed from 10% in March 2023 to just 4.5% today.

    • Most expensive market for 4L milk was a tie between Charlottetown, PEI and Moncton, NB.
    • Least expensive market for 4L milk was Sudbury, ON. 
    Our full report including data for 20 markets across Canada is available at the link below:
    Download our 2022 Milk report now!


    Mobile Research, Grocery, Insights Report