The retail landscape in Canada is rapidly evolving and so are the wants and needs of Canadian shoppers. Expanding e-commerce acceptance in a wide range of categories and exciting new services such as click-and-collect are creating a brave new omni-channel world.

Understanding how shoppers will react to new initiatives is critical as the costs are high and margins are relatively low in retail. Making a mistake can be disastrous.

Field Agent gives you access to our panel of over 200,000 real Canadian shoppers, who are ready to respond to your questions anytime, anywhere. Armed with our smartphone app, these “Agents” can respond to surveys at-home, in-store or anywhere along the path to purchase.

Retailers have used Field Agent to explore shopper attitudes on a wide range of topics including loyalty programs, packaging design, private label product concepts and store design.

Field Agent has a full suite of research capabilities, so we can manage projects both big and small all while keeping you well within your budget.

  • Insights at the “point of influence”
  • Data is evaluated with GPS & photo verification
  • Immediate feedback while the experience is fresh
  • Live analytics from your dashboard with custom reports
  • Utilize in-store reviews, surveys, & community engagement
  • Assured privacy & security for your personal data

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