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Field Agent Canada is proud to partner with Restaurants Canada to provide Mystery Shops in a fast, easy, and cost-effective way.

How it works:

Field Agent has developed a mystery shopping solution for operators of QSR, FSR and Fine Dining establishments that provides quick and inexpensive feedback from real customer interactions in your restaurants.

Our Canadian Mystery Shoppers are over 265,000 strong and can visit your restaurants anytime and anywhere so you can assess whether the guest experience meets your service standards.

We specialize in targeted mystery shopping missions that are affordable so you can get a broader range of data for your business.


Quick & targeted mystery shops


Live reporting of results through our dashboard


Coverage right across Canada


Video selfies bring the shopper experience alive


Cost effective deliverables to meeting any budget


Any time & in any channel

Link to download report

Did you attend the RC Show and are looking to download our free report? Look no further!

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