By reimagining what a mystery shopper is capable of in the modern age, we’ve successfully combined crowdsourcing technology with mobile trends to bring suppliers and manufacturers more insight into their relationship with retailers, and the execution of the product and its related display and signage setup at the retail level.

With smarter data available to you when you need it and more affordable services thanks to how we’ve cut the costs of your typical brick-and-mortar system, you can rely on our Canadian Mystery Shoppers to head out and evaluate your products at their local retail store. From their smartphones, they can find and record all the observations and insights you need to ensure that your product flourishes in the retail space.

We want to give you confidence in the ability of your product to flourish once it hits the shelves, so we make sure to cover all the relevant factors and record them on the Field Agent app. What else can our mystery shoppers offer you?

  • Quality of your product’s display and signage
  • Real-time experience with your product
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Effectiveness of the retailer in promoting your products

What Can You Collect?







What types of audits are brands doing with Field Agent?

Real Shoppers

The most valuable opinion available to you is that of the customers looking for your products. With our simplified mobile process, these customers can offer you genuine insights and observations about these products and what appeals about them.

Real-Time Data Capture

By utilizing a mobile strategy, our mystery shopping process has been streamlined so that our experts can provide you with the data that you’re looking for right away, while the experience is still relevant to you.

Rapid Completion

Need information on your products right now? With country-wide coverage, our mystery shoppers are already in the area for the retail locations you need and can gather information immediately on their Field Agent app.

Mobile vs. Paper

Recording all of the necessary information on paper is a tedious process that slows down your mystery shopper; using our mobile app on a smartphone is and efficient, easy, and reliable way to gather data relevant to your concerns as a supplier.


Holiday shoppers spend billions of dollars on gifts for their loved ones at Christmas. Field Agent sent agents to three major retail chains to see who’s selling popular holiday gifts at the lowest price.

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If you’re unfamiliar with how secret shopping works, you’ll probably be pleased to know that it’s quite straightforward. However, just as important as knowing how it works is understanding the results you can get from it when you approach it the right way. So what exactly are the benefits?

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Best Brands Holiday-Displays

Since our agents spend so much time in stores collecting photos and information for Field Agent clients, we thought we’d take the occasion to capture some photos of festive, brand-specific displays and signs inside stores during the Holiday season.

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