By reimagining what a mystery shopper is capable of in the modern age, we’ve successfully combined crowdsourcing technology with mobile trends to bring suppliers and manufacturers more insight into their relationship with retailers, and the execution of the product and its related display and signage setup at the retail level.

With smarter data available to you when you need it and more affordable services thanks to how we’ve cut the costs of your typical brick-and-mortar system, you can rely on our Canadian Mystery Shoppers to head out and evaluate your products at their local retail store. From their smartphones, they can find and record all the observations and insights you need to ensure that your product flourishes in the retail space.

We want to give you confidence in the ability of your product to flourish once it hits the shelves, so we make sure to cover all the relevant factors and record them on the Field Agent app. What else can our mystery shoppers offer you?

  • Quality of your product’s display and signage
  • Real-time experience with your product
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Effectiveness of the retailer in promoting your products

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