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As a food service professional, you know that service standards either make or break your business. All the various touchpoints a customer has with your staff along during their dining experience is driving the perception of your brand and loyalty to your business. This is why mystery shopping is so important in the restaurant industry.

Traditionally, mystery shopping has been expensive and took a long time to execute, which is not in- line with today’s fast-paced food service industry.

Field Agent has developed a mystery shopping solution for operators of QSR, FSR and Fine Dining establishments that provides quick and inexpensive feedback from real customer interactions in your restaurants.

Our Canadian Mystery Shoppers are over 100,000 strong and can visit your restaurants anytime and anywhere so you can assess whether the guest experience meets your service standards.

We specialize in targeted mystery shopping missions with 10 to 20 follow up questions and we keep it affordable so you can get a broader range of data for your business.

Our innovative technology also allows mystery shoppers to submit “Video Selfies” taken right after their dining experience, which can really bring to life the guest experience of your customers.

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  • Quick & targeted mystery shops
  • Live reporting of results through our dashboard
  • Coverage right across Canada
  • Video Selfies bring the shopper experience alive
  • Cost effective deliverables to meet any budget
  • Any time and in any channel

What Can You Collect?







What types of audits are food service operators doing with Field Agent?

Real Customers

Our over 100,000 Canadian Mystery Shoppers are real customers who visit your restaurants every day. We can screen respondents so that the customer providing feedback fits the profile of your target customer so that the feedback provided is highly relevant and actionable.

Real-Time Data Capture

With our mobile crowdsourcing capabilities, we’ve streamlined the mystery shopping process to make it simpler for our clients and the mystery shopper, in order to bring you the data you need within days rather than weeks. Data is live-streamed to you via our on-line dashboard as soon as it is captured.

From QSR to FSR to Delivery

Food service operations are everywhere and understanding how customers experience different formats from QSR to FSR to Fine Dining is our specialty. Field Agent has also completed mystery shops of food delivery services, university meal plans and hospital cafeterias. You can reach our Canadian Mystery Shoppers anywhere the interact with your brand whether at-home, in-restaurant or on-line.

Mobile vs. Paper

There’s no need for a pen and clipboard for our mystery shops. We have Canada’s most advanced mobile mystery shopping platform that gives Android and Apple users amazing tools embedded in our app including photo, video capture and even a built in timer technology for measuring service times!

Starbucks pick up only location

On February 4th, a new and different type of Starbucks location opened in Toronto. This location only handles pick-up orders via the Starbucks app.  We sent three Starbucks customers to this location so they could try out the experience and this is what they had to say.

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In addition to digital experiences, the explosion of delivery services such as Skip the Dishes and Uber Eats are changing the expectations of food service customers. How do delivery customers differ from in-restaurant patrons and what drives customers to use these services?

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Food service operators cannot stand still and product innovation is critical to the long-term success of a brand. Take a peek inside the impact of New Menu Items, Limited Time Offerings and Restaurant Upgrades with this infographic.

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