Why employ our mobile crowdsourcing methods over conventional, old-school market research? Not only is our mobile app, utilized by Field Agents located across Canada, faster and more comprehensive than other tactics, but we also offer insights from real customers in the store, before the details of their experience fade away! 

When you need an evaluation of how your merchandise is performing in the hands of retailers and what can be done to help your brand stand out from the rest, you can get all the data you need by working with Field Agent now. We examine the likely success of new concepts and products, reviews of how the in-store experience impacts product performance, and mobile in-home use tests.

Our crowdsourcing methods of gathering vital research data are streamlined, easy to understand, comprehensive, and adaptive to your needs. How else does our market research help suppliers like you?


  • Understand how your displays look in-store
  • Proven methodology brings you useful data
  • Custom reports & analytics from your dashboard
  • Learn how to make your product stand out
  • Gain insight on your supplier-retailer relationship
  • Get feedback on your product appeal

What Can You Collect?







What types of audits are brands doing with Field Agent?

Concept Testing

Have a new idea for how you’d like to see your product and brand displayed on the retail level, but want to ensure that it will bring you the results that you need? Field Agent Canada offers concept testing, to ensure that your good ideas aren’t wasted.

In Store Reviews

There’s no better review of your products than those from the very customers you need to appeal to. Once you know what consumers really think of your products and how they are presented in-store, you garner a better understanding for future products.

New Item Analysis

Want to see how your latest product will hit it off with customers in the retail store? An analysis from Field Agent can help you determine how to most effectively present your new product and how it will perform in the retail store.

Buy & Try

We don’t just stop at the store—we’ll also see how customers use and respond to your products with mobile in-home use tests. Buy & Try offers a deeper understanding of your product as it related to consumers after it has left the retailer.


In the past few months it seems like Plant Based Proteins have roared onto the marketplace with a wave of new product offerings at food service operators including the launch of A&W’s Beyond Meat Burger which seems to have kick-started the trend in Canada.

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Quick, which shopping season trails only the holidays in terms of gross consumer spending?
That’s right. Back to school. The second biggest selling and marketing event of the year.

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SIS Banner

At Field Agent, we were curious about how Canadian shoppers would react to a range of temporary displays that we found in-store. Spoiler Alert – the results were not very good.

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