Food Service

Mobile research is changing how food service operators conduct market research by allowing data to be collected in-the-moment, at locations right across the country.

Field Agent is Canada’s first and largest mobile research panel, providing access to your customers across the country in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Food Service operators from QSR to FSR have used Field Agent to explore customer attitudes on a wide range of topics including new product concepts, competitive benchmarking, loyalty programs and restaurant design.

In addition to standard survey features, Field Agent also offers video response capabilities so you can see and hear what a customer experiences in your restaurants. With our Video Insights Hub we have harnessed the power of video data collection in an easy to use tool that allows you to quickly review videos and transcripts, search and filter responses and then quickly create a show reel to make your research come to life for management and front-line staff.

Field Agent has a full suite of research capabilities, so we can manage projects both big and small all while keeping you well within your budget.

  • “In-the-Moment” insights gathered in our app
  • Data is evaluated with GPS & photo verification
  • Immediate feedback while the experience is fresh
  • Live analytics from your dashboard with custom reports
  • In-restaurant reviews, surveys, & community engagement
  • Assured privacy & security for your personal data

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