While retailing is continually changing and evolving the one thing that has remained the same is the fact that “retail is detail”. Whether in a traditional store, a pop-up or an e-commerce site, execution needs to be 100% perfect to win the hearts and wallets of Canadian shoppers.

Ensuring great execution is easy and cost effective using our network of over 120,000 Canadian Mystery Shoppers – a crowdsourced workforce we call “Agents”.

Armed with their smartphones and our innovative mobile app, Agents can be quickly deployed to your stores to audit critical elements of your retail tactics such as on-shelf availability, display compliance, product assortment, demo execution, and signage compliance.

This data is live-streamed to you via our online dashboard so you have all the results at your fingertips so you can follow up on execution issues, get them resolved and kick-start sales.

Affordable audits can start right away and we can cover up to 80% of stores in just 72 hours.

  • Our large network allows us to deploy quickly
  • See what is happening with high quality photos
  • Get real-time analytics of your audit
  • All data reviewed by our Quality Control team
  • We offer cost-effective, country-wide coverage
  • We can provide advanced analytics on request.

What Can You Collect?







What types of audits are retailers doing with Field Agent?

Display Compliance

Ensure that your shoppers are seeing the desired mix of promotional displays regardless of which store they visit. Our “Agents” will report back on whether the required displays are present, their location and whether they are adequately stocked and ready for shoppers.

Product Assortment

Are your planograms being executed according to the roll-out schedule? Are they being completed properly and in a timely manner without disrupting shoppers in-store. Our “Agents” can check if planograms have been completed and send you photos so you can see what shoppers see in-store.

On-Shelf Availability

Out-of-stocks are one of the most critical issues in modern retailing and result in hundreds of millions in lost sales each year. “Agents” can be deployed in peak selling periods (yes, we work weekends!) to measure the extent of the issue in your stores so you can develop shelving and supply chain solutions.

Competitive Price Audits

Ensuring your prices are competitive in local markets is critical to retail success. Our “Agents” can quickly gather price information from competitive stores so that you can work with the most up-to-date data when making pricing decisions for your stores.  

Valentines Displays

We have picked the "best-of-the-best" Valentines Displays from 2020 and have put together a quick montage of displays from across Canada for you to see. We hope you enjoy this virtual store tour that you can take from the comfort of your office!

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Milk Banner.001

Field Agent Canada conducted a cross-country price survey on fluid milk prices at 174 retailers in 20 markets from coast-to-coast between February 25-March 4, 2020. The survey compared prices recorded that week with prices collected at the same outlets back in June 2019, highlighting any shifts that have taken place over the last 9 months.

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Summer image.001

We sent Field Agents to 70 stores across Canada to give us a sneak peek at what Summer merchandising looks like so you can get a sense of execution very early in the season.

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