Food service is a carefully regulated industry, all to better protect the nutrition and the health of the general population. That’s why it’s important to ensure that your food service company meets all the necessary requirements to not only give you consumers a delicious experience, but also a safe one.

It’s also critical to see your company’s personal guidelines for service, whether it’s in food presentation or in delivery, are being followed and are helping your company succeed. Branding strategies and standards of service always have room for improvement!

With Field Agent Canada, accomplishing all of this is faster, more comprehensive, and more affordable than ever with our crowdsourcing mobile strategies. We help you understand if the developments and new concepts in your industry are properly employed and if the quality of your food and services are maintaining a high standard.

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  • Price-checks see how your prices test
  • Observations on food safety and handling
  • Photographs evaluate food presentation
  • Evaluation of branding and service guidelines
  • We offer cost-effective, country-wide coverage
  • Gain information quickly and act fast

What Can You Collect?







What types of audits are food service companies doing with Field Agent?

Food Product & Brand Presentation

Does the presentation of your food appeal to consumers? Is there any packaging for your brand that needs to be evaluated or reconsidered? Field Agents offers verified photographs of your product from the perspective of a hungry customer.

Accessibility & Availability

To get customers eating your food, they need to be able to access the food first. Whether it’s in how easily they can find a spot at a restaurant, how a catered buffet is arranged, or if delivery is readily available, our Agents can tell all.

Health & Safety

Through the Field Agent app, our Agents can help examine the success of your food safety practices, in order to maintain the integrity, reputation, and high standards of your food service company.


Mobile and digital experiences are a big part of the food service experience today with mobile apps allowing customers to order ahead, track the status of their pizza and collect loyalty points. Field Agent has studied how customers use these tools across a range of operators.

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In addition to digital experiences, the explosion of delivery services such as Skip the Dishes and Uber Eats are changing the expectations of food service customers. How do delivery customers differ from in-restaurant patrons and what drives customers to use these services?

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Food service operators cannot stand still and product innovation is critical to the long-term success of a brand. Take a peek inside the impact of New Menu Items, Limited Time Offerings and Restaurant Upgrades with this infographic.

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