What is Find & Fix?

From in-store displays to planogram implementation, great retail execution is vital to the long-term success of your business.

Field Agent Canada is proud to present its new Find & Fix program, Canada’s newest, most effective way to improve In-Store Execution. Find & Fix allows you to quickly correct in-store execution gaps with nationwide coverage in just a matter of days! Field Agents are available and standing by to audit retail locations to identify areas with potential execution concerns.

Once the initial audit is complete, a second wave of high quality, professionally trained merchandisers will be dispatched to the identified problem stores to work with your staff and correct the execution issues. With Find & Fix, you only send merchandisers to stores that have execution issues you can save upwards of $30 per store by using Find & Fix compared to traditional merchandising audits.

Let the Field Agent Find and Fix program be your strategic advantage to ensure the execution of your retail locations are tailored to perfection and watch as your sales grow!

Ready to Launch a Find & Fix?

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